Pascale Lauber

Interior Designer

Pascale Lauber has one word and the thousand images that go with it in mind: Style. For as long as she can remember, decoration has been a guiding force in her life. It started in childhood with her room, which she decorated and redecorated…every six months! Re-organizing the furnishings, laying wallpaper, incessantly visiting the architect next-door, Pascale has interior design running through her veins. Instinctively, she eats, dresses and thinks style. Even if it means being awoken at night, by the thousand ideas colliding in her dreams.

There has been no shortage of projects for her. In Romont, Lausanne, and Verbier, Switzerland; in Paris, New York, Cape Town and now Ostuni, Pascale has shaken up the rules of real estate and interior design. With Ulrike Bauschke, her partner in crime, she has renovated and opened restaurants, boutique hotels and apartments all over the world.

Mixing cultures, repurposing objects, bringing the old up to date to give each space a unique personality, down to the smallest detail, is Pascale’s trademark. Her keen sense of observation was sharpened through a lifetime of travel, countless visits to international art and trade shows, as well as flea-markets. Her vision made of worldly elegance is multicultural and original, down to the smallest detail. The unique result, coherent, deeply modern and stimulating at the same time will permeate every aspect of your future project.